Katie Price’s lavish birthday celebrations for son Junior with £400 gifts and homemade cards

KATIE Price has given fans an insight into her birthday celebrations with son Junior after he turned 15 earlier this month.

The 42-year-old star pulled out all the stops, even insisting that the teen covered his eyes as he made his way into her home, where his siblings were waiting.

At the start of the video, the former glamour model revealed that Junior had spent the morning with his dad, Peter Andre, before playing football in the park with his friends - joking that she was "last".

Junior was stunned to see that his mum had decorated her place with balloons in his honour, and his 18-year-old brother Harvey played the keyboard while Katie encouraged the children to sing Happy Birthday.

The teen heaped praise on his sibling's efforts, telling him: "That was amazing, I can't believe you did that for me - thank you so much."

Afterwards, Katie led him to the kitchen island for his cakes - two delicious looking sponges, with one in the shape of a one and the other a five and both decorated with music records.

Junior was touched to receive a handmade card from his five-year-old sister Bunny, which featured a drawing of them together.

Jett, six, admitted he did a card for his brother too - cheekily adding: "But suddenly someone broke it."

Harvey also showed off a drawing he'd made his younger brother, which had the message: "To Junior, I wish you a happy birthday, love from Harvey" and some kisses.

Katie was then left red-faced as she admitted to a blunder with her online card order for the teen.

The star had already told fans about the error on social media, with the personalised card featuring pictures of the two of them together - but the message "Happy Birthday Molly".

Junior laughed off the mistake, telling his mum: "I appreciate everything anyway."

Next up was presents, with Junior stunned by an Adidas hoodie from his grandma - joking that grandparents don't normally get cool gifts.

Katie also loved the gift, joking that she will borrow it to wear over leggings - to which her son replied "no chance".

In addition to a personalised card, Katie had also ordered custom wrapping paper - and thankfully she got this right, with the red wrap reading: "Junior Andre 15".

However, there was another gaffe as Junior pointed out the LED football light she'd got him was for Celtic FC, which isn't the club he supports.

Katie was horrified, but Junior insisted: "It isn't that deep, it's fine, it's the thought that counts and I appreciate it."

The next present was much more successful - a punching bag, which Junior admitted he'd always wanted but "never thought to ask for".

Then a pair of swish Adidas trainers, and a £399 Oculus Quest VR gaming headset - which Katie panicked Peter had already bought their son.

She admitted: "I said to your dad: 'Oh no, I think you've got Junior the same as me!'"

But Junior reassured her, clearly stunned as he exclaimed that there are none of the kits left in stock anywhere - expressing his shock that she'd found one.

Giving his mum a hug, the grateful teen gushed: "15 is a dead birthday, and I got all this?

"I'm so shocked, I'm so shocked - I didn't expect this."

Katie joked back: "Wait for your 16th, you might get a car."

The video ended with Junior thanking viewers for supporting his mum, telling them: "Thank you everyone for watching, I really appreciate it.

"I appreciate you supporting my mother, she's a good mum, and a good person - I love her."

Junior is Katie's oldest child with ex-husband Peter, with the pair also mum and dad to 12-year-old Princess.

She shares Bunny and six-year-old Jett with ex Kieran Hayler, and Junior also has two other half-siblings on his dad's side; six-year-old Amelia, and three-year-old Theo.

Junior and Princess live with their dad and his wife Emily, but Katie lives just eight minutes away and they have regular contact.

Peter was also seen spoiling Junior for his birthday on his reality series Life With The Andres, exclusive to The Sun's YouTube channel.

Junior was delighted as he unwrapped a limited edition jumper, Nike trainers, and a Playstation VR among his birthday presents - with the latter costing around £300.

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